Interview de Olivier Pépé, Commissaire de la 2e édition par le site web "High Art Fridays"



Olivier Pépé, président de la fondation

This October 19, nearly 20,000 children in Côte d’Ivoire will receive the first in a series of illustrated books designed to promote hygiene through handwashing. The educational endeavor is funded through a unique collaboration with Ivorian artists who are donating 40% of proceeds from unpublished works. The art pieces will be exhibited and sold between October 19 and November 10, 2018.


HAF: Pépé, what was your motivation for collaborating with artists to raise money for this community crisis with children in your community?

Pépé : I am myself an artist and the first help must always come from the family. We know that producing 3,500 textbooks each year will not be possible with only the sale of the canvases, but we have started and other people or corporate citizens will help us. The foundation “All for Children” of which I am president aims to bring education and instruction to children because we understand that education and training is the key to success. We have been motivated to develop this project with the artists because they are my first family,

HAF: I understand this is the second year for 50 artists for children’s rights. What is your goal for the 2018 project?

Pépé : Our goal this year is that collectors or companies contact us to assist with the funding 3,500 manuals for distribution to children. And every year for the other themes and values we want to inculcate in children. These illustrated textbooks on children’s rights will be distributed free of charge throughout the Ivorian territory. The theme chosen this year for this first edition is washing.

HAF: Tell me more about this year’s theme: “washing hands”? Is there current community health problems caused by improper hygiene?

Pépé : The hand is the first gate of entry for viruses and diseases. Here in Africa lots of children in villages suffering from diseases caused by lack of hygiene and by ignorance. The right to health theme is just a slogan; we want to go further. It appears insignificant, but it is huge. We would have talked about the “Ebola” and how hand washing is the greatest initiated action. You have no idea how many children are dying in our villages simply because of the viruses he has contracted. The very first precaution for good health is hygiene.   Good values are like a compass: they help your child know where to go.



Featured artwork by Mounou Desire, “complicity” plastic recycled cellphone parts collage on wood 100 x 100cm.   Mounou’s work addresses the ongoing HAF study of plastic waste and hyper-consumerism.

Article written/translation by Claire Appelmans, USA.  Ron Shelton contributed to this story.

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