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La toile de MONOU DESIRE

A cohort of 50 Ivorian artists, the UNESCO Abidjan office, art collectors, and corporations are all lending a hand in changing the way families teach their children to prevent the spread of disease. HAF is taking a look at 8 of the 50 artists, which represents a cross-section of the exceptional talent of these artists.

This collection of contemporary abstracts works in mediums ranging from acrylic paint, paper collage, textile and recycled works of arts is showcased.  This mind-set on future publications that explore a range of values Pépé Olivier, President of the foundation, All for Children,  hopes to instill in Ivorian children. He will continue to use art to bolster support for his projects. Art lovers who aspire to positively impact the lives of children and future generations in Côte d’Ivoire can expect the next artistic cohort to include photographers, sculptors, and artists from various fields.

This October 19, nearly 20,000 children in Côte d’Ivoire will receive the first in a series of illustrated books designed to promote hygiene through handwashing. The educational endeavor is funded through a unique collaboration with Ivorian artists who are donating 40% of proceeds from unpublished works. The art pieces will be exhibited and sold between October 19 and November 10, 2018.

Pépé, is himself an artist and at home among painters, sculptors, and photographers. His inspiration behind collaborating with artists to raise funds and awareness for this children’s health initiative is that help first comes from family.

Pépé’s focus on hygiene and handwashing stems from his desire to alleviate the suffering of children who contract diseases due to a lack of health education on effective hygiene practices. He sees children’s education as the key to transforming health practices across the country.

The book titled Hand Washing: Why, When and How?, showcases two schoolchildren, Atito and Fitini, happily playing.  Inside, the book contains handwashing instructions and details on the health benefits.  Pépé envisions family members reading the book together and discussing ways to change handwashing routines at home— thus increasing the extent of the book’s impact beyond a youthful audience.

Pépé’s book provides concrete educational material that combines information with action steps through pictures and stories, a relevant and captivating medium. The more than 3.5 million children throughout Côte d’Ivoire who will receive the illustrated textbook will also read a section on children’s legal rights.

The first round of illustrated books is funded from a previous group of artists back in 2017. At $0.18 per book and armed with only $3,600 in revenue from the 2017 fundraiser, the group needed to secure funding elsewhere to provide a book for every child in Côte d’Ivoire.

All for Children’s overarching mission is to facilitate child development in Côte d’Ivoire. The organization provides support for children experiencing medical, social, and educational difficulties. The foundation promotes the financing and management of social and cultural institutions dedicated to the care of children experiencing systematic marginalization.

Article written/translation by Claire Appelmans, USA.  Ron Shelton contributed to this story.

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